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Introduction B2B (business-to-business) marketing is a complicated and multi-faceted process that requires careful planning and execution. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the basics of B2B marketing, along with some tips and tricks to take your campaigns to the next level. B2B vs B2C marketing B2C and B2B marketing are […]

A consumer-brand relationship doesn’t stop with the first purchase. Growth marketing focuses on building, maintaining, and growing the brand’s customer relationship. It’s a holistic and cross-disciplinary process designed to enable an organisation to achieve its North Star goal through experimentation across an entire customer journey.  Growth marketing began with startups. Did you know Slack grew […]

Let us say you want to launch a new product, and you invest a lot of time and effort into developing the product’s first version. After its launch, you place ads on Facebook and Google to drive customers to the website. However, you don’t get a single click. Several factors affect the performance of paid […]

Create a Startup Marketing Strategy to increase your visibility and establish an impactful online presence through strategic positioning and promoting your business.

Does Data-Driven marketing make you curious? Do you want to discover how big data could help you deliver a much higher ROI?

Over the last few years, growth marketing has helped redefine the goal of marketing. Successful marketing is no longer only about the top of the funnel and acquiring customers – it’s about acquiring customers who are going to stick around. Growth without retention isn’t growth after all. And growth is more important than ever. SO […]

I am someone who needs to be constantly busy; if I am not, I get bored. Fortunately, running an agency leaves me a little time for pretty much anything else. However, I always (try to) make time for myself, whether it’s going to the gym, spending time with friends or on my other personal hobbies. […]

Growth hacking sucks, and 99.9% of people who claim they’re a growth hacker don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. When I first got into startup marketing, the phrase “Growth Hacker” was being thrown around by everyone, from massive corporations to the smallest startups. People seemed to think that a growth hacker was synonymous with […]

Discover how to grow your social media profiles from those who’ve done it before. We interview social media and audience strategist Kassy Cho, who shares her experience growing @world, the fastest-growing news account on Instagram in 2018, and going viral on TikTok. A former Audience Development Editor at BuzzFeed News and Bloomberg, Kassy is the […]

There’s a daunting range of content on the web that teaches you how to market your product or service more effectively. But most of it regurgitates the same thing, and only a little is of high quality. Even then, it’s easy to learn pockets of knowledge but not understand how it is all connected.  In […]