Email Marketing

Generate sales using the most underrated online acquisition channel.

Email Marketing

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?


Use rule-based automation to engage your customers and increase sales without doing any extra work.


Modern software lets you personalise at scale to ensure the email engages the customer.

Impressive Results

Today emails are more powerful than ever, offering exceptionally high ROI at a low cost.

Email Marketing

Tailored to Your Startup Growth

Our experts will develop a detailed email strategy to give your customers more conversion opportunities. To create campaigns that resonate with your customers and prospects, we take the time and the effort to get to know you and your products/services.
Marketing via email has revolutionised how companies interact with their customers. You can now create conversion-optimised email funnels that make immediate sales and create lifelong brand advocates.

Approximately 66% of customers purchase due to marketing or sales emails.
In addition, Email Campaigns are perfect for filling in any gaps in your customer's user journey. This makes each campaign seamless and highly effective, allowing you to communicate and interact with them at every stage.

Email Marketing

Our Services

Cold/outbound email marketing Warm/nurturing re-engagement email

Cold/outbound email marketing

Drive conversions and maximise ROI with targeted outbound emails that attract your ideal customer base.
We optimise our cold email campaigns by using bespoke target lists, data-driven campaign strategies, and powerful automation tools. We use A/B testing and careful campaign monitoring to ensure amazing results.
Our cold/outbound email marketing methodology:
  • Targeting & List Building - Whether you want to target different prospects based on their industry, location, title, or other factors, our unique algorithms will generate a custom list of prospects fitting your criteria.
  • Content Strategy workshop - An in-depth understanding of your business is key for us. A content strategy workshop helps us to come up to speed. Our expert copywriters then create content that will engage your target audience.
  • Lead Handling - Our emails are sent from a special domain/email address that contains both your name and company, so it looks like an authentic inquiry. All you will need to do is respond and close the leads. 
  • GDPR Compliant - B2B Clients can generate leads through direct email marketing by pitching prospects directly in their inboxes. In every aspect of our email marketing, including list building, email deliverability and unsubscribing, we abide by the latest EU regulations, including GDPR and E-privacy.

Warm/nurturing re-engagement email

Using our proven nurturing email campaigns, you can re-engage and re-convert previous clients.
The campaigns we design include interactive strategy sessions, ongoing campaign monitoring, and powerful automation to help drive results. All campaigns include consultative strategy setting sessions, ongoing campaign monitoring, and powerful automation to deliver results.


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