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With over £6 million in ad spend under our belt, we know how to use Google Ads to generate measurable, scalable, and repeatable growth for your business.

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Google Ads has been our most widely used channel amongst our customers since 2019. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to target people who are already searching for solutions to their problems. Getting in front of the right people at the right time can generate results but requires careful planning, analysis, and optimisation.

With most startups, we start by focusing on long-tail (more than three worded search terms) and high intent (people who are actively looking for a solution to their problem) search terms. Once we generate positive ROI, we move on to higher volume, lower intent search terms whilst carefully optimising ads and landing pages.

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Google Search 

There is a lot of information available on the web, so getting seen in your potential customers' searches isn't easy. But it is possible when you know how!
Google's rankings system allows the search engines to sort through hundreds of billions of web pages in a nanosecond, and match people to what they're looking for.
According to Google, their algorithms consider the words in a query, the relevance and usability of pages, as well as sources, locations, and settings.
In short, Google offers advertisements that paper alongside search results on This type of advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive relevant traffic to your website at precisely the moment that people are searching for your products/services.

Google Display 

There are millions of sites in the Google Display Network, allowing marketers to display their ads to a variety of audiences across multiple formats. Startups can target their ideal customers either locally or globally with Google Display Network ads.
Although, not every visitor to your site is going to convert right away - we all conduct research and compare before purchasing. Thus, a solid marketing strategy is important for positive results.
Using Google Display remarketing you can re-engage customers who left to take another look at your website. Therefore, the more segmented and personalised your message is, the more likely it is to convert those users into paying customers.
In other words, if you aren't using this fantastic marketing tool - give us a call. And if you are using a Google Ads Agency but aren't seeing positive results - give us a call. Because if you're not taking advantage of this marketing resource, you're missing out on lots of potential sales, we promise!

Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is a requirement for selling products online.
The appearance of your products at the very top of Google's search results allows your products or services to be found early in the buyer's journey. This will lead directly to conversions from the SERP, netting a huge ROI.

Landing Pages

In many cases, just driving qualified traffic to a client's site is not enough to deliver results. If you are not able to convince them what they need to do next, or if you make it too complicated for them to buy from you, your money will be wasted.
In order to prevent this from happening, you need landing pages that work. Our Google Adwords Agency builds pages that are an extension of your website but are designed to convert. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We can help you understand how this works and what you need to do to make every touchpoint of your customer's journey with you a sale.

From our experience, we review the current customer journey. We take action to ensure every step of the journey is as smooth as possible. For instance, do you have CTAs which compel visitors to act?

Would you prefer they call you right away? Or make a booking? Or go straight to the Shopping basket?

Are you running regular A/B tests to see how well your pages and Google Ads are performing? In other words, what is encouraging or discouraging your customers from making a purchase?

At WSS, we will work with you to leverage the highest Conversion Rates possible when you ask our Google Ads Agency to optimise your conversion rates. We leave no stone unturned and help you reach your goal.


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