Bespoke Housekeeping: Growing a Local Business with SEO 

Discover how We Scale Startups refreshed offline and online branding, improved social branding and generated leads for this local business.


Bespoke Housekeeping Services (BHS) is a high-quality domestic cleaning company based in the 'Home Counties' that offers a range of services including several types of cleaning services.

After taking the time to speak to the CEO of the company, Larissa, we were able to identify the outcomes she'd ideally like to see. These included:

  • Greater brand awareness
  • Better digital footprint
  • A modern, up-to-date website
  • Lead generation via social media and the website
  • A better Google My Business profile


We took the time to understand what their end goals to identify what tasks we needed to do on the way. In order to help them generate more high-quality leads from their website we assisted with the following tasks:

  • Conducting customer research to identify their key personas and future markets
  • Designed, developed and built a new website and social media strategy
  • Built a 'growth machine' to drive high-quality leads


  • Refreshed offline and online branding
  • Development of digital brand
  • Improved social branding 
  • More leads than they can handle!

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Larissa Johnson
Bespoke Housekeeping Service
"We asked Daniel to develop a clear uncomplicated website for our cleaning business. We said the content and style should reflect the business model and he responded to the challenge in a very professional manner, on budget and in a very short time. Perfect!"
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Matthew Eisner
Matthew Eisner Consulting
“Daniel has proven himself, again and again, to be an efficient and effective data-lead growth expert, looking forward to working with him again soon.”

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