eQuoo: The Mental Health Game 

Discover how We Scale Startups worked with eQuoo to help them establish brand, identify good execution channels and optimise customer acquisition.


eQuoo is a mental health game available on iOS and Android. Founded by Silja Litvin, the evidence-based game improves the mental health and 'emotional-fitness' of its players as you progress through the game. Each level in the RPG game presents a different skill set to learn and practices in multiple choice-based gameplay. The app focuses on a younger audience but is also organically engaged by other demographics.
Our challenge was to establish the eQuoo brand, identify good execution channels and optimise customer acquisition with a focus on reducing CPA and increasing LTV. Our goals were to:
  • Identify which marketing channel results in the highest volume of high-quality users.
  • Build a 'growth machine' that acquires users predictably, repeatably and scalably.
  • Increase the volume of people making purchases in the game.

    Daniel worked with Silja as an interim CMO to assist with all areas of customer acquisition. Focusing first on the fundamentals including customer persona research, Jobs to be Done modelling and growth experimentation process set up. This included:
    • Development of brand messaging
    • Website development
    • App Store Optimisation
    • Significant Paid Acquisition with a focus on Instagram and Google App Campaigns


    Over the course of working with eQuoo we:
    • Built the first stage of the brand
    • Developed the website
    • Acquired over 12,000 Downloads

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    La Lising
    I think it was awesome to meet with Daniel because he was an expert on SEO and at the same time patiently guided me on how to improve my website ranking. Thank you!
    Peter Antonov
    Founder and CEO at Shopppme
    Phenomenal call with Daniel Johnson! So much covered in 30 minutes. He’s a great listener! Very quickly grasped my branding concern and how it may affect growth. The advice that followed was invaluable. We even had time left to discuss pricing.. he taught me a great trick there. And I learned something I never knew about how people shop in Asia compared to the West. He also taught me the biggest mistake he sees startups make when it comes to growth and more! Such a great dude and a value-packed call :)

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