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Discover how We Scale Startups worked with LessonsUp to help them increase subscribers and improve engagement using Facebook ads and landing pages.

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LessonsUp is a community of professionals, leaders, and companies building a diverse and inclusive workforce, located in San Francisco. At LessonsUp, they are providing Professional Training & Coaching, with the aim of helping underrepresented people generate higher income. Users can also get instant access to a powerful network that can support their careers for life.

When they partnered with We Scale Startups, LessonsUp’s goal was to increase website traffic and increase the number of sign-ups. LessonsUp has a bespoke website that is designed to look simple and straightforward. However, it does offer some limitations in terms of optimisations to improve Google rankings.

During our initial analysis of the company we identified the following challenges:

  • Lead Generation from Facebook Ads were incurring a high overall cost. However, the number of sign-ups and the click through rate were not satisfactory;
  • To improve quality scores and lower costs, we needed to create optimised landing pages but the website was a bespoke build and was extremely limited;
  • A need to improve the number of conversions without increasing budget due to constraints.


In order to achieve the goal, we have decided to

  • Carry out multiple audits for the site;
  • Optimise the existing workflow of generating signups to the LessonsUp career job search programme.
  • Drive traffic using community engagement and paid advertising to the landing page which we’ll also be optimising using the wireframe.

To begin with, we completed the strategic messaging map for LessonsUp, where we created compelling, relevant messages for various audience segments of the company.

  • We came up with a questionnaire for the existing LessonUp’s Slack community to have a better understanding of the company, as well as the common customers’ behaviours of the company.
  • The information filled in the strategic messaging map was also used as the backbone of the paid ads campaign, and the improvement of the landing page.
  • Based on our research, there were 3 unique segments that LessonsUp can target and allocate their limited budget to effectively.

Apart from the strategic messaging map

  • We also generated lead asset research, where we identified a high converting, valuable lead magnet LessonsUp can use to drive email signups.
  • We generated a competitors research and we were able to come up with more than 20 potential channels that could help LessonUp in terms of getting more sign-ups.
  • We also looked for relevant communities from social platforms (Facebook, IG, etc) to promote the LessonsUp events.

During the process of creating an audit for LessonsUp’s landing page, we realized that the structure of the website need some improvements. Therefore:

  • We redesigned the landing page using the wireframe technique, which focused on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available and intended behaviours.
  • As a result, we have doubled the number of signs up within the first 3 months, since we started working with LessonUp.

For Facebook Ad campaign, To get the client's ad account off the ground and provide a solid basis for future campaigns, we made campaign performance and optimization a priority.

  • By focusing on optimisation and performance, we were able to refine our targeting and target the users that mattered most.
  • We created 4 main campaigns in total, starting from June to August.
  • We were able to carry out multiple a/b testings, which allowed us to choose the most effective creatives and copy sets.
  • As a result, we reached out to 25,000 potential leads and achieved a relatively high conversion rate of 2.6%, while also maintaining a low CPC with less than $1.92.

Lastly, we also developed a drip-email campaign, with the objective to encourage the engagement of people who sign up for the advanced job search landing page.

  • It was a series of emails, which would be sent out immediately after people signed up for the programme.
  • The results were very positive with … opening rate, … replies, and … more additional signups.


Since working with LessonsUp, we have:

  • Reduced the cost per lead by 30% through careful campaign management;
  • Achieved an average cost per lead of just $1.92 compared to an industry average for education of $55;
  • Attained an average CTR of > 3.00%;
  • Achieved a conversion rate of 8% since working together;
  • Doubled the number of sign-ups;
  • Get more than 25,000 impressions.

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Peter Antonov
Founder and CEO at Shopppme
Phenomenal call with Daniel Johnson! So much covered in 30 minutes. He’s a great listener! Very quickly grasped my branding concern and how it may affect growth. The advice that followed was invaluable. We even had time left to discuss pricing.. he taught me a great trick there. And I learned something I never knew about how people shop in Asia compared to the West. He also taught me the biggest mistake he sees startups make when it comes to growth and more! Such a great dude and a value-packed call :)
Malinda Coler
Malinda Coler
CEO at LessonUp
"I’m cofounder and CEO here at LessonsUp, and wanted to let you know how valuable your talk on SEO was for me and my team. There are so many areas to focus on within SEO as a new startup that it’s hard to focus on anything, but your advice to consider goals for what we need to do right now really helped us narrow in on what we need to do. Big big thank you!"

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