Testing and Experimentation

Validate your assumptions with our unique framework.

Testing & Experimentation

Why is it important?

Minimise Risks

Think of running a marketing experiment as taking out an insurance policy on future marketing efforts. It’s a way to minimize your risk and ensure that your efforts are in line with your desired results.

Meet Demands

Spend hours searching for that "perfect gift" only to find out later that it doesn't meet the taste or interests of your recipients. Gifts come with receipts, but marketing campaigns do not.

Optimise Strategies

The purpose of a marketing experiment is to discover new strategies for future campaigns or validate existing one.

Testing & Experimentation

Tailored for your Start-up Growth

Your latest marketing campaign is finally finished after months of hard work, multiple coffee runs, and keeping up with industry changes.

It's the campaign of a lifetime that includes social media posts, PPC ads, and a sparkling new logo - but how do you know it will be successful?

Even though there's no way to know if your campaign will turn heads, you can gauge whether those new elements will be effective.

Consider conducting a marketing experiment to determine if certain parts of your campaign are worthwhile.

At WSS, we will help your startups create marketing experiments. We can estimate how well your marketing methods will perform before implementing them. Interested? Contact us today for more information.

Testing & Experimentation

Consulting Process

#1: Brainstorming #2: Focus on One Idea #3: Hypothesis & Collect Research   #4: Select Metrics & Execution   #5: Final Analysis

#1: Brainstorming

Creating a list of ideas is the first step in any marketing experiment.
At WSS, we will use past data to help you review and rank your ideas by relevance, timeliness, and return on investment so that you know which ones to tackle first.

#2: Focus on One Idea

With a list of ideas in hand, you can now pick one to focus on.
The most ideal way to organise your ideas is to base them on the current priorities of your business. As such, your priorities may change over time, which will affect the way you rank them.
Imagine that you want to increase your subscriber count by 5,000 in the next quarter. You're several weeks away from the start of the quarter, and you notice that users don't convert once they reach your landing page.
In this case, we will help you prepare the landing page, as this would be a great place to start your experiment.

#3: Hypothesis & Collect Research  

When conducting a marketing experiment, the first step is to come up with a hypothesis you want to test. You can tell us what your startup wants to experiment, or we can come up with hypotheses relevant to the campaign. 
We will also provide you with multiple research from different sources, which includes informative background knowledge about the experiments. From there, we will be able to let you know about the forecasted results of the campaign. 

#4: Select Metrics & Execution  

Choosing metrics is important, as this will measure and track the final results of the campaign. We will set up relevant and informative KPIs for the campaign, which allows you to keep track of the results daily.
Before the execution, we will provide you a full details of:
  • The hypothesis and goal of the experiment
  • The timeline and duration
  • The metrics we will track

#5: Final Analysis

As soon as the experiment is completed, we will collect and analyse the results. 

We will discuss with you what worked and what didn't, and the potential reasons behind both scenarios. Moreover, we will let you know different aspects that you may want to test in the next campaign. 

By the end of the campaign, we will send you the full report, including statistic numbers and the analysis. 


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